04/30/14: 210 lbs
Starting waist & hips: 43" & 50" respectively
Height: 5'2
31 year old female, southern Missouri
Participating in No Weigh May.
Trying Slow Carb.
Loves soda - needs to learn to hate it.

Oh dear, I have no idea how to use Tumblr.

I’ve been doing a lot of unf*ing lately, and the other night we were cleaning the yard (a couch in had been sat in our front yard since September) and we set a fire and when we were putting it out, I got water on my shoes.  They immediately started to smell like, well, feet.  I threw them in the wash with detergent and a capfull of bleach but the smell is still pretty powerful and seems to be getting worse.  It’s like someone is perpetually opening a bag of Fritos in my presence and it’s embarrassing.  Should I use more bleach, or is there another way?  Maybe the awesome power of vinegar?!  Not sure I want to marinate my Fritos but this is the only pair of tennis shoes I have and I have to make them tolerable.